"Public Transit" 1957 & 2018 starring LB Team

Creative by Lindsay Siu with LB Models Virginia, Jeevitha & Olivia B with Makeup and Hair by the incredible talented Anya Ellis


Trends Magazine features Makeup by Win Liu !

Win Liu creates amazing makeup looks for editorial in Trends Magazine


Makeup Artist Katie Elwood for FASHION Magazine featuring Olivia

Fashion Magazine features LB Makeup Artist Katie Elwood ; Holiday Makeup Looks That Aren't Basic


YAM Festive Fashion features Georgia Waters Styled by Janine Metcalfe

LB Model Georgia Waters and Stylist Janine Metcalfe, makeup by Anya Ellis for editorial in YAM Magazine


LB Artist Anya Ellis for No Substance Magazine UK

No Substance Magazine features Fragments in Time editorial with Hair & Makeup by Anya Ellis !


LB Artist Win Liu for the "Best of PhotoVogue" Gallery

PhotoVogue Gallery features editorial with Makeup by LB Artist Win Liu


Kayla-Iman featured in Montecristo Magazine

Montecristo Magazine "7th Heaven" story features LB Model Kayla-Iman with LB Artist Melanie Neufeld creating flawless Hair & Makeup


LB Stylist Janine Metcalfe & LB Artist Anya Ellis for YAM Magazine

YAM Magazine features styling by Janine Metcalfe with Hair and Makeup by Anya Ellis


Cake Magazine features Hair & Makeup by LB Artist Lucyanne Botham

LB Artist Lucyanne Botham does Hair and Makeup in Editorial for Cake Magazine


LB Artist Katie Elwood for Lucy's Magazine

Lucy's Magazine features Makeup by LB Artist Katie Elwood


Harpers Bazaar Bride India features Nadine Joelle with Makeup by Melanie Neufeld !


LB Artist Katie Elwood for Pump Magazine

Pump Magazine editorial 'Ship to Wreck' features makeup by LB Artist Katie Elwood


LB Artist Oz Zandyieh for Trends Magazine

Trends Magazine features makeup by talented LB Makeup Artist Oz Zandiyeh !


New Face Isabella !

Gorgeous New face Isabella shot by Chris Kattner with hair and makeup up by LB artist katie Elwood.


'Simply' Beautiful SARA Z featured LatestMagazine

Sara Z is Simply gorgeous in Simply story with Makeup done by talented LB Artist Katie Elwood!


Win Liu for Modelstopia Magazine - The Summer Issue

Hair and Makeup by the incredible Win Liu for the cover and inside story for Modelstopia.


Finn Wolfhard featured in Montecristo Magazine with Grooming by Melanie Neufeld

Montecristo 'It Could Be Stranger' editorial with grooming by Melanie Neufeld


HLM Magazine features Michael Euley with grooming and Makeup by our incredible Melanie Neufeld

Michael Euley looking suave in HLMagazine thanks to LB Artist Melanie Neufeld


Leen Magazine featuring Anastassiya with Hair and Makeup by Min-jee Mowat

Hanging out with " Nothing To Do" featuring Cool New Lb Face Anastassiya in Leen Magazine


LB Artists Minjee Mowat and Carolynne Coller for Northern Woman Magazine

Northern Woman Magazine features actress Bronagh Waugh with Hair by Carolynne Coller and Make Up by Minjee Mowat