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Abdalla Amour in Vogue Italia's Fragility, Resilience And Change

Vogue Italia Series On Fragility, Resilience And Change featuring ABDALLA AMOUR. with interview about boundary breaking artists keeping inclusion alight in their works and interview with Virgil Abloh, Artistic director of @louisvuitton. Photographed by the talented Tyler Bolivar, quoted below. Assistant Photographer Terrell Paiva. Assistants Jen Drews and Model Jonathan Barnett. 

“Acting as an opportunity for knowledge and understanding, multiculturalism plays an integral role in our rapidly developing world. Bridging the gaps and finding what unites us all as people creates a foundation upon which we can grow and learn for our future. Rich heritage, cultural values, and untold stories are being brought to light now more than ever through curriculums, workforces, and artistic mediums. However, the room to grow closer as a human race still remains. The solution comes through platforms such as these, where unheard voices speak loudly, and conscious listening educates the masses; pushing us towards an era where hostility and prejudice are behind us. I take pride in my cultural heritage and identity. Amour states “My Ukrainian mother instilled the importance of a strong work ethic, while maintaining selflessness. My Lebanese father stressed the importance of family, love and hospitality, which are painted in his Arabic penmanship.”



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